BILAL Utensils was established with the aim of producing elite and stylish designs for its functional and performance cookware to meet the culinary needs of its global customers at affordable prices. Our cookware is manufactured by our high-tech factory in Turkey, which is using the latest technologies and featuring forged aluminum bodies with quality non-stick coatings. In line with BILAL’s commitment to health and safety standards and to protecting the environment, BILAL Utensils prides itself on using PTFE and Ceramic coatings, a certified PFOA-Free cookware coating in compliance with US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards and German Association Technischer Überwachungs-Verein (TÜV). BILAL Utensils works with world’s leading producers of interior and exterior coatings. BILAL Utensils is targeting to build an eminent reputation for product and service quality around the globe. BILAL Utensils products are safe and reliable.

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